Saturday, November 13, 2010

Luweng Jaran Cave East Java The Worlds Longest

Luweng Jaran Cave Or In Indonesia Gua Luweng Jaran

 For those of you who have an adventurous spirit, sights on this one suits you went to, the cave Luweng Jaran. Luweng Jaran is the longest cave in Indonesia. In 2002 Luweng Jaran Cave registered in the list of longest caves in the world with a total length reaches 24 km.

Jaran Luweng Jlubang located in the village, Kec. Punung, Pacitan, East Java. Was first discovered by local residents, then in the first exploration by the Joint Expedition team Anglo - Australian, who was accompanied by a crawler Caves of Indonesia in 1984.

Navigate the necessary equipment is a vertical cave, first pitting dg 12 meters depth, to the first terrace with a distance of about 25 meters before reaching the second wells with a depth of 25 meters after pitting the two, there is a very large hall, began here can be done without equipment field vertically. Advised to bring a map of the cave or leave the marker so as not to get lost in search activity in this cave.

 In addition, this cave is very dangerous in the rainy season, because it is a place Swallow Hole or disappearance of the river surface into the cave. Not a few who get caught flooding cave crawler in this cave.
For the sake of safety and security, tourists must obtain prior consent from the local Office of Culture and Tourism.

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